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For Southwest-Northern Cal.-Southern Cal. Divisions

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This page was last updated on 11/10/06

The SN's, GO's and DIV TT's are as accurate as I can get them. Inaccurate files will not knowingly be posted. PLEASE carefully read the files and examine for accuracy. Do not allow yourself to be out of date or out of compliance. These files are being made available to our users as a courtesy. These are dated through the "link" and will be as newly updated as possible. Please check your files!! If you need a file that does not appear here or there is a problem with the files here, E-MAIL me (remove the nospam) and I will try to get it uploaded or fixed. ENJOY! I add files all the time so check the page carefully. PLEASE READ THE DOCUMENTS AND BE FAMILIAR WITH THE OPERATION OF YOUR PALM DEVICE!!


     When downloading these files - PLEASE READ & CHECK THEM FOR ACCURACY!! as I can make mistakes! If an error is found - please notify me immediately and if it is my error - I will correct it!

Best viewed 800 X 600dpi resolution

 LEARN TO USE YOUR PALM !! If you are not proficient in the use of your PALM and you would like a little help - just ask me - I will be happy to help you - then you may be able to pass the OPs' testing easily. Believe me when I say that the interest is in MAKING CERTAIN ALL EMPLOYEES - (YOU!) - CAN HAVE ACCESS TO THE RULES AND BE ABLE TO UNDERSTAND THEM!!

AportisDoc files!

Having problems with your files?  The files which cause the "Fatal Error" are files being produced with too many bookmarks and the file causes a memory failure in AportisDoc. The files will need to be modified solely in the area of the BOOKMARKS ONLY. They do work in Richreader, iSilio, Tealdoc, and other doc readers(occasional failures also occur in SmartDoc).

Since it is hardly possible using available softwares to produce a true PALM compatible timetable with GRAPHICS- the problem is one of properly displaying a stations page, chart and any table represented in the printed versions - except in wide screen mode in AportisDoc.

THAT is why I choose to keep supporting this reader - WIDE SCREEN MODE for the TIMETABLES.

If you do NOT use AportisDoc - then you will NOT have the ability to display the timetable and other files properly. Carriers versions of SSI, GCOR, ABTH, TEYSAFE files actually work in AportisDoc - they are NOT available on this site. 


Due to concern for the safety of my working Brothers and Sisters I have removed certain files from this site. They will NOT be reposted! Get them from another EMPLOYEE. Further steps MAY be taken if the need arises. The files currently available here cover only readily available information and do not pose any security threat that I can discern. Therefore I WILL continue to keep them up to date.

Southwest   FILES



(Updated 01-27-06)

California-LA Files



(Updated to 05-27-05)





BNSF SYSTEM GENERAL ORDERS -  SSI/ABTH/GCOR Updates. New as of 01-30-06.




HAZMAT GUIDEBOOK 2000 - The BOOM BOOK - Courtesy of - JLHardy   Fresno,CA HazmatBB_2K.PDB - get an employee to BEAM it to you.
Something happens - I will probably take my PALM  - but I seriously doubt I'll dig around in my grip for the book!

IDP&DP HELP GUIDE - Shortened and bookmarked.

LOCOMOTIVE INSPECTION Guide to Daily Locomotive Inspections

Roadrailer Guide - NO PICTURES - TEXT ONLY as of 10-18-00

Again I strongly urge you to USE - READ - UNDERSTAND and ENJOY these files.

These files are FOR US - THE WORKING MEN AND WOMEN. Fifteen pounds of paper ain't much weight - in a DESK DRAWER - if officials had to carry them at all times like we do - there would be some SERIOUS CHANGES made to them. We need files we can USE - READ and most importantly UNDERSTAND! But DO NOT TAKE PALM FILES for granted! Learn to use them.

To Access the BNSF website and update yourself you will need to read the latest GN on accessing the BNSF PORTAL and follow those instructions. The BNSF website IS up and if you are an EMPLOYEE - YOU HAVE the ability to access it.


Board Award 441 Covers Seligman Subdivision - first SF run-through arbitrated against BLE

Board Award 458 Board award arbitrated against BLE allowing all other run-throughs

PEB219 Presidential Emergency Board 219

SL-PEB219 Side Letters to PEB 219

(I do not vouch for the accuracy of these files)

AportisDoc - CLICK HERE

WANT TO CREATE PALM FILES FOR YOUR DIVISION?? CLICK HERE to learn to convert a PDF and to learn to creat PDB's plus the links for the files are on this page - or - CLICK HERE for a short course on PDB creation as well as a tutorial on backing up your PALM files from your desktop safely!


Rich Reader Freeware AND Shareware (The FREEWARE version may be installed to view the files above!)

Jot A "better" graffitti for your PALM. Read the tutorial carefully and heed the warning before you delete it (If you do!)

CAR KIND CODES - Listing of "STACK and PACK" cars - shows type, kind, # of wells, # of brk vlvs, length, type of loads(i.e. - container/trailer)

Needles - Winslow CLICK BOOK - Tracks listed under stations with click numbers.03-29-03

Needles - Barstow CLICK BOOK - Tracks listed under stations with click numbers (Needles - Nebo as Barstow isn't needed.)

CA CODES 1-99 - Codes for claims a file created by Frank Stambaugh

CA CODES A-W - Codes for claims a file created by Frank Stambaugh

Code 30 -Held time

Code 17 - A table for Initial terminal mileage. Corrected to indicate .208 miles (same as Carrier).

Layoff Codes - The codes used by BNSF to designate crew disposition. (Provided by Benjamin Poersch)

Needles - Barstow - Winslow Switch Time Locations - Where the "CARRIER" figures it - for claims.

Needles - Winslow RUNNING TIME HELP - Help figuring running time.

Penalty_Codes - Need a little more help figuring out those miles? This little file has the figures by which you can multiply minutes to convert to miles for various uses. Enjoy them.

TIME to MILES conversion charts in .PDB format submitted by Marty Behrent of BLE Division 940 in Denver Co.-

12.5 Miles Per Hour chart 1

12.5 Miles Per Hour chart 2

16.25 Miles Per Hour chart 1

16.25 Miles Per Hour chart 2

18.75 Miles Per Hour chart 1

18.75 Miles Per Hour chart 2

SPEED CHECK - a little timer program that converts time to speed! It comes as two .prc files and BOTH must be loaded. It works great! The files are zipped - for a quicker download. Enjoy!

MPH - For those of you that have a newer PALM device with a faster processor and have found that Speed Check will NOT work - this little program will fill the bill!



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SUBDIVISION PDA Files are provided on this page - you may convert, read or edit ANY .PDA file using DOC READER  for your Handheld(convert .txt to .pdb) or Laptop(by simply downloading this file and unzipping it ON YOUR LAPTOP). Doc Reader is a very small and simple to use file reader - editor - conversion program. Place this small program on your laptop and use it to read .PDB files! - The bookmarks stay intact that way!!



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